Ramona and her granddaughter, Harmony, and grandson, Anthony

Ramona Lewis is passionate about public education. She is a native of Colorado with 22 years of experience working in the public education field. Ramona holds a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources from Baker College. She currently assists the Denver Public Schools Board of Education as their Board Liaison, providing support and expertise in education policy. Prior to DPS, Ramona supported the Superintendent and Board of Education in Westminster Public Schools. She began her career in public education in Adams County School District 14 in 1997 as the secretary to the Director of Student Services. Ramona served as the Chair of the Colorado Organization of Superintendent Assistants (COSA) for four years, providing mentoring and sharing her expertise with superintendent and board assistants throughout Colorado. She currently serves as the treasurer of COSA and has presented at the annual conference the last two years. In addition, she served as a board member on the North Metro Arts Alliance board for several years while working in Westminster.

Ramona has lived in Commerce City since 1991. She has three boys who graduated from Adams City High School. Her granddaughter is a sophomore at Adams City High School and she has a grandson who is in 8th grade at Adams City Middle School. Having been a preschool teacher herself many years ago, Ramona is an advocate of the importance of early literacy and understands the impact of embracing the community and parents as partners in the success of the district’s students. Ramona is also passionate about the invaluable role public education plays in a successful community. As she began looking at running for the school board, it just fit. She credits Adams County School District 14 for providing a quality education for her sons and for launching her successful career in public education and feels running for the board is a way to pay back the community. She has the experience working for school boards, and now she can use her experience in a different way. Over the years, Ramona has had many mentors in the school board members she has worked for and hopes she can make a difference in the community as they have.




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